Wish more companies were like them…

This feels odd to say, but I always look forward to anyone from American Installations coming to our home. From the first energy assessment, to the attic and basement work they did, they’ve been unfailingly polite, respectful, super friendly, and a joy to talk to. They were so patient answering all my questions about what they were doing (I had a lot). They knew their stuff, and things they didn’t know they didn’t pretend to, which I find admirable.

I also find the company admirable in general due to how attentive they are to their customers. Every time I have work done the office calls me to confirm and the workers call me when they’re on their way. When I needed work done by an outside contractor, they set the work up for me and followed up with me periodically to see how the other company was treating us. I just feel really taken care of! Now, I should actually address the work they do; I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about houses except how to occupy them, but it does feel warmer in here after they put the insulation in so I think they’re also good at what they do. Wish more companies were like them and love using someone local!

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