Polite, professional, and readily answered my many questions.

Tyler and his crew came out here to Oakham yesterday to make us more energy efficient. They added insulation to the attic, ran some bath fan exhausts up through the roof, and installed insulation in the rim joists in the cellar. Already we can tell the difference in the cellar. Today it’s in the 90s with high humidity. In the past on days like this, we would have to run the dehumidifier in the cellar to keep the pipes and water softener from sweating, and making puddles on the floor. The dehumidifier couldn’t even keep up. But, this morning I went down to the cellar, and there was no need to run the dehumidifier. The softener wasn’t sweating at all. This alone will save us about $75/month in electricity usage during the summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much we save on heating costs. I have to admit, I didn’t think the rim joist insulation was going to be a big deal. But ironically that’s the first benefit we’ve seen. Tyler and his crew did a great job, worked about 5 hours, and left a clean worksite. They were polite, professional, and readily answered my many questions. I highly recommend them!

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