Extremely happy with the company and their services.

I had my reservations in the beginning that the electric company would actually back a program like this. I am beyond happy that I have had the service done. From the first person who came to change my light bulbs and give me recommendations to the people that came in and did the work, when I agreed to have it done after giving me a thorough description of what needed to be done of what the improvements would be and how it would help my energy costs. I am extremely happy with the company and their services. What was also a pleasant surprise to me was that the energy company has an inspector that comes and checks the work while they were doing it just to ensure that everything is done up to standards and in the best possible way. Everyone was very courteous. Very respectful of my home and cleaned up when they finished. After having it done it really seems like a no brainer to me.

Home Energy Assessment

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