Can’t wait to see my next utilities bills!

American Installations called me on the recommendation of one of my neighbors. They sent out a specialist to do an analysis, Craig Dragovich. He and his partner were brilliant. They came back to me and told me I needed close to $3,000 worth of work. Insulation, sealing, door sweeps, etc. But through the Mass Save program, it would only cost me about $600! Columbia Gas and other utilities would pick up the rest. Really?? Too good to be true?

It wasn’t. I signed up. They sent a crew to do the work. Run by Ricardo with Henry, Will, and Jose. They did a wonderful job. Completely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They did an outstanding job and were a pleasure to work with. Can’t thank them enough. I haven’t heard my heat come on but once since they left. Can’t wait to see my next utilities bills! In 30 years of home ownership, this experience has been the biggest No Brainer ever! By far.

Thanks to everyone I worked with at American Installations, they are a pleasure to work with. Also hats off to Mass Save, Columbia Gas and our other utilities to make these programs available to us. It’s hard to believe a company that sends me a bill every month, would help me to reduce it. Even more, pay for it. Couldn’t be happier.

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