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Making A Difference

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A Positive Impact

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Enhancing Lives

Each team member at American Installations is able to share in the feeling that the work we do each day is leaving our world a better place for tomorrow. By modifying homes to use less natural resources and energy we are at the same time able to develop homes that maintain healthier and more comfortable interior environments that put real $Savings (thousands) back into our client’s pockets.

It feels good to do good! REFER A FRIEND for our services.

WX For Vets!

Recognizing local heroes

United States Military Veterans, America’s Heroes, are individuals we think deserve to be well appreciated. Every year American Installations selects a number of projects to complete for our local veterans, free of charge. A.I. knows that without all of America’s veterans, the United States would not be what it is today. We will continue to honor and recognize our local heroes, and do what we feel is right in giving back to those who have given so selflessly for us.

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