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75% to 100% OFF approved Insulation/Weatherization

Get a Mass Save® energy assessment, sponsored by your local gas or electric utility company, and you could receive 75%-100% off approved insulation, ventilation, air sealing & more.

American Installations, works as a Mass Save® HPC (Home Performance Contractor) performing work for our clients at No-Cost or at Highly Discounted Rates, and invoicing the Utility companies directly.

Insulation & Weatherization Benefits:

  • Lower Heating & Cooling Costs
  • Increased Home Comfort
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Reducing Respiratory illnesses by up to 40%
  • Reduced Risk of Ice Damming
  • Superior Fire Protection
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • And More…

Real Simple... We Are The Best.

Insulation does Not equal Efficiency, but our Whole-Building Approach, also known as Weatherization, does. By combining properly installed insulation with air tightness, proper ventilation, and moisture control, we are creating healthy and long-lasting Thermal Envelopes for our clients.

Energy Efficiency is not just a trendy phrase for us, it’s what we live for, and it’s what we do better than everyone else. We take pride in our work, explaining our trade, and in the quality installations we complete each day.

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