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We get your home ALL of its Mass Save® Incentives

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How it works:

The “Energy Efficiency Charge” on your Massachusetts electric or gas bill pays for energy-saving incentives for your home. Your no-cost home assessment (1-2 hours) identifies the incentives available to your home, and makes them easy to take advantage of…

What can I expect at my Home Energy Assessment?

A certified, background-checked & drug screened Energy Specialist, from American Installations, will help you save money on your home energy costs by providing your home with instant energy-saving products. Your Energy Specialist will also review with you a customized assessment report, and help you take advantage of available incentives that can improve your home’s comfort & lower your heating and electric costs.

no-cost benefits

Custom Home Energy Report

Your Energy Specialist will review with you your home’s customized energy assessment report. This report provides you with all the ways that your home can be modified to save you energy and lower your bills. 

You choose what you would like to take advantage of, after the recommendations are explained professionally and without obligation.

Air Leak/Draft Sealing

Most homes lose heating and cooling too quickly from excessive air loss/leakage, causing heating and cooling systems to run longer and waste your money…
Air Sealing pinpoints and seals up the drafts that let your conditioned air escape, allowing your home to breathe at the proper rate: not too leaky, but not too tight (JUST RIGHT).

Air Sealing is a no-cost process, sponsored 100% by Mass Save®, and on average, saves people hundreds of dollars per year on energy costs!

Home Energy Assessments - Whole-House Safety Testing

Heating & Combustion Safety Testing

Ensuring your home’s combustion appliances are operating safely & efficiently is a top priority. Systems & appliances that burn fuel create combustion gas, so ensuring that the carbon monoxide levels are low, and that they are drafting out of your home properly is another no-cost benefit that our energy specialist will test for you during your assessment.

Get your systems checked, It’s NO-COST!!!

Home Energy Assessment - Advanced Powerstrips

Advanced Powerstrips

Each home can qualify for up to 2 appliance surge protectors with built in energy saving controllers per visit. They are great for TVs and computers, and are offered to you at no-cost during your assessment.

Save your appliances!

Home Energy Assessment - Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats

We can replace your old manual thermostats with 7-day digital programmable thermostats. Save Energy when you are at work or sleeping, without having to touch your thermostat. 

Set it aaannnnd, forget it!!! 

Water Saving Measures

High-pressure, low-volume faucet aerators and showerheads both filter your water and increase water pressure, while saving you money on your water heating and water bills…  

They’re great for washing the kids and the dogs too!

incentives & rebates

75% - 100% OFF Insulation & Weatherization

Your homes available insulation, ventilation, and additional weatherization incentives are explained and offered to you by your Energy Specialist during your assessment.

Approved updates are discounted at 75% to 100% OFF!!! See what your home qualifies for…

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Home Energy Assessment - 0% Interest Loan Icon

0% Interest HEAT Loan

Want to complete high efficiency projects for your home, but don’t want to break the bank? Mass Save® allows you to utilize a 0% Interest “HEAT” loan for up to 7 years (84mths) to finance qualifying projects. Below are a few projects that qualify:

  • Heating & A/C systems
  • Air Source Heat Pumps / Mini-Splits
  • EnergyStar® Windows (replacing single pane windows)
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Insulation / Weatherization Work
  • & more…
Home Energy Assessment - Appliance Rebates Icon

Appliance Rebates for Energy Efficient Equipment

Getting any new appliances? An Energy Assessments will qualify you for substantial rebates to make the cost of going efficient even cheaper!

  • Heating & A/C systems
  • Air Source Heat Pumps / Mini-Splits
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Dehumidifiers & more…
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