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Mass Save® Rebates & 0% Financing

Heating, Hot Water, Cooling, Mini-Split Heat Pump
Rebates & 0% Financing on qualified system replacements

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How it Works:

To qualify for the Mass Save 0% Interest “HEAT Loan” & receive information about applicable energy system rebates, you must first complete a Home Energy Assessment, during which, one of our Energy Specialists can verify your eligibility and provide you with details & information about which rebates you may qualify for & additional HEAT Loan details.

Qualified Systems/Products

Electric Mini-Split / Air Source Heat Pumps

Oil Heat Boiler, Oil Heat Furnace, Oil Boiler & Hot Water Combo 

Natural Gas Heat Boiler, Natural Gas Heat Furnace, Natural Gas Boiler & Hot Water Combo, Natural Gas Hot Water Heater

Propane Gas Heat Boiler, Propane Gas Heat Furnace, Propane Gas Boiler & Hot Water Combo, Propane Hot Water Heater

Electric & Hybrid Electric Hot Water Heaters

Central Air Conditioning & Mini-Split / Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Insulation / Weatherization Work

EnergyStar® Windows (if replacing single pane windows)

More Information

0% HEAT Loan Details, Rebate Amounts, Forms & Additional Details are provided by your Energy Specialist during your Home Energy Assessment. 

Please contact us at (413) 552-0200, or fill out your information below so we can contact you and schedule your assessment.   

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